“MO-mentum” Coaching

As Transformation Coaches, we support our clients to make step-by-step changes to their lifestyle, thinking patterns, and personal belief system (non-religious) so that they permanently reach their goals. We support them to do so in a way that’s enjoyable and easily integrated into their lives. The sessions last about 30-60 minutes and focuses on the specific needs of the client at that time as determined by the client with help from the coach. This one-on-one setting allows you to get specifically what you need exactly when you need it.

Group Coaching

In group coaching, there are usually groups of 5 – 8 people with similar goals and challenges. For example, we run groups on entrepreneurship, leadership, relationships, weight loss, and fitness. This type of session offers many advantages over one-on-one coaching because participants can enjoy guidance and accountability from other participants in addition to the coach. You can choose to participate in more than one group so that you can focus on multiple areas of your life at the same time.

Strategic Interventions

This is the most ‘drastic’ solution we are offering to our clients. In this One-Time Intervention, the results are guaranteed! During your SI sessions we don’t just talk. By creating experience and emotions in ourselves, we have breakthroughs which begin in the session but extend into our lives and relationships. In addition to gaining clarity about what the real challenge is, and what you want to achieve, you will also understand what stands in the way of making the necessary decisions to create your desired vision and take the initial steps towards making your vision a reality. Sessions last as long as needed!