English Language For Specific Professions

We work with clients to facilitate a range of programs that are meeting the needs of the employment market, to help supply a skilled work force. Our extensive experience in the Middle East has shown that the main barrier for trainees is their level of English relevant to their job role. English courses currently provided in the market do not cater to the specific needs of the trainees, which may result in safety issues if critical stages of communication prove to be inadequate.

Our aim is to change the way that English is delivered in the region by focusing on its practical use. The only time we use standardized English tests is to assess the student's level at the beginning of a course. All other assessment tools are projects, and hands-on exercises, written in conjunction with the trainee's supervisors or managers. The focus of all our programs is to provide hands-on practical training. All trainees must prove their competence by demonstrating their skills, through projects and hands-on workplace assessments.

We provide English for Medical, Oil and gas, IT, Law, Retail, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Admin, Sales and Customer Service and many more sectors! Contact us to help raise your game!