International Education Advisors and Services

We offer personalised education solutions to meet the needs of GCC students wishing to study at accredited UK, Canadian and US institutions. Our international team of advisors is able to use our strong relationships and agreements with many overseas universities to ensure that students get the best possible opportunities and choices.

Every student matters Oasis educational consultancy has been created by educators for the sole purpose of helping local students improve their life chances by helping them make better informed choices about their education. Our core value of putting the interests of students first means that not a single student will ever get turned away from getting quality advice and guidance. As a team that has worked in UK, US, Canadian and GCC universities, we know better than most how difficult it can be to make the right university choices and, more than that, the difficulty of moving and living in a new country. More importantly, we are able to prepare students for the next stage in their lives by helping them gain admission and then supporting them throughout their entire time at university. Finally, we don't charge any student for helping them gain a place at any overseas university.

Why study overseas

Research conducted with employers shows that they prefer graduates from established overseas universities. There are many reasons for this, however there is no doubt that studying overseas will give you the edge in a competitive GCC job market. However, studying overseas also brings dilemmas for students and parents - what to study? Where to study? Will I make the grades required? etc. Our ongoing support can ensure that students and parents have all the information they need to make the right choice.

Our strength is our people

Our team of advisors includes a former university president, university lecturers (UK, Canadian and USA), cross-cultural trainers and career counsellors. Our career counselling, combined with assessment of the student's preferences, pre-departure cultural awareness courses, ongoing mentoring and post-degree accreditation services mean that every student gets a personalized service not just for getting a university place but also after graduation. Our flexible approach means that we offer a face to face service at our offices or at your home, we often even Skype students.

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