Our Team

Managing Director

  • Dr. Suzanne White FCIICII Accredited Advanced Trainer
    Suzanne started her career with top UK insurance companies RSA and Norwich Union, spending over ten years in a variety of technical and managerial positions. As a qualified university lecturer, this was followed by seven years in a Senior Lectureship position at a London University, teaching on insurance and risk management courses and leading an insurance teaching team, as well as undertaking consultancy work for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). More recent positions have involved running insurance courses in a Bahraini training institute, founding a consultancy business and running a campus of an American university in Bahrain. Suzanne has over 20 years of consultancy and training experience with educational and corporate entities, plus a PhD in Educational Research. She is the owner and founder of Oasis Training Center in Bahrain.
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  • Dr. Mohammed Abbas 
    Mohammed has a BA (English and Education) from Bahrain University Collage, a Diploma in Advanced Educational Studies (TESOL) from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (U.K.), a Master of Education (EFL) from the University of Exeter (U.K.), followed by a PhD in Education from the University of Mumbai in 2004 (India). With over 20 years of teaching experience, he has experience in teaching diverse ESP courses.
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    • Dr. Dina Fakhrawi
      Dina has a PhD in Nutrition from a reputable American University. She has worked in Qatar and Bahrain at universities offering science, biology and nutritional studies. She was the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Science at NYIT for two years, providing excellent leadership and management skills to the organization.
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    • Samer Shennar
      Samer has been a lecturer in the field of computer and electrical engineering for many years. He holds a Masters of Electrical and Computer engineering from the USA and is professionally qualified in CNE, MCSE, and ITIL.
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    • Ali Alfardan 
      Ali is a Chartered Accountant and a talented risk assessment professional, credit group controller and a results-producing marketing professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives.

      Expertise in directing the control of risk and creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of marketing programs. Demonstrated success for driving growth in targeted markets through the implementation of key initiatives/projects. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing risk/marketing teams.
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