Exclusively for Women

All of our programs are available exclusively for women, as well as available at other times to mixed- gender groups. You have a choice! We have a training facility that can be closed to men when required, in order to create a female friendly space to work in. While professional and leadership values are universal, women come to professions and leadership with different challenges, not addressed by many training programs developed from a male perspective. Our programs are customized for women in the GCC - with solutions that are immediately applicable and relevant to the specific challenges women face in their professional lives in the region.

We are committed to offering women the ongoing development and support they need to help them achieve their goals. We talk openly about the challenges women face in order to change the path of our careers and create a better world for everyone. Our association with Lean In (www.leanin.org) challenges us to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what we can do. Let’s work together to create a more equal world!

We have a Lean In Circle – Join us!